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Seller of Hope
If I could have one Little store with two shelfs
I would sell guess what?
Hope! Hope for everyone!
Buy! With discount for you!
Everyone should have hope!
And to everyone I would give, As much as three should have.
And to this has no money
And is just looking from outside
I would give for no money
All the hope that I have!

Gianni Rodari

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She is initiated into clairvoyance, prognosis and diagnostic of different problems. A healer. In her work she uses the Idea of unity and harmony of Soul, body and nature. She influences, helps neutralizing and relieves the pain. She is instructed to use Juna’s Method. She neutralizes and removes negative energy partly or fully, if necessary, and neutralizes possible bad negative consequences. A frequent practice of hers is business prognosis and realization

  Created by Chakarov.