My name is Darina. You can get in touch with me about clairvoyance, diagnostics and prognosis when you have various worldly problems! Clairvoyance is the line of the Universal White Brotherhood. Often in contact with the Teacher Dunov or, as many know him as Beinsa Duno. A healer.
And now some more details about me: My star sign is Pisces. I was born in 1963 in a small town 5 km away from the area Demir Baba, honoured my many ethnical societies, as it is a holy place, the energy of which has helped many people. I have been living for almost 25 years now in the town of Shumen, which is situated 15km away from the well-known area of Madara. These facts have definitely influenced the qualities of my gift. A mother of two children.

I graduated from a high school in my native town, A College of Medicine in Sofia, with the specialty "social worker". I also have a bachelor's degree in Social Pedagogy from the University of Shumen. I am an ancestor of two old families – the Djebarovs and the Petkanovskis, as well as the Shishevskis and Madyarovskis, famous families in North-east of Bulgaria. As a social worker I have worked in many spheres of social work, which encountered me with many people and destinies. Fate has meant for me to gain experience in different work spheres, so I could earn a living. I didn't have much choice; it was important to me to work and have money to support my family. Thus I gained a lot of experience, and obstacles and difficulties only toughened me. In 1998 I was "involved in a car accident"- that is how I talk about this event which transformed my life. I had to start it all over, but this time adding the duty to help people looking for help, to my duties as a mother and wife. From then on I have been fighting for the Truth. The Truth, which people often suppress. I was introduced to Kubrat Tomov. He ascertained that my gift was innate, and that no one had paid attention to my behavior and character up to that moment. The event just additionally and fully revealed my abilities.
This is how my way of a clairvoyant started and it has gone on for years in a row. I started from Shumen, then Varna, Sofia and Plovdiv. As a clairvoyant I have participated in many shows in various TV channels – Heros TV, Channel 3, and Channel 8. In 2003 I was the author and presenter of the show "The Hour of Contemplation" on Top TV. I have taken part in the first season of the show "Clairvoyants". Many articles about me have been published in the last years.

It is likely that in the future I will publish a book about the Accidental Unaccidents in my life.
The publishing of my Teachers' message to People is about to happen very soon. We live in a fast and confused time; hardships are many and we have to coordinate our everyday life and our minds with the screams of Nature to protect it, so we, humans, could exist.

I would like to thank mister Kubrat Tomov – a scientist, encyclopaedist, philosopher and esoteric, who has given me and still gives me his support, because having such a gift is a great responsibility! Thank you! I would also like to thank all those people who have turned to me! Because the people are the only ones who could best evaluate the gift, no matter how great it is.

You can pose questions about the diagnostics of a health problem, which does not mean that traditional medicine will be excluded during the treatment; as well as questions about rejection and protection from negative influence and many other problems which are important to you! The consultations can be direct, in live contact, as well as on the phone or internet.

  Created by Chakarov.